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Modified 22 July 2020


Courses about phishing will cover explanation of phishing attacks, how are they performed, what damage can they cause, how to protect from them, types of phishing attacks, etc. We will show the most used phishing attack methods with real-life examples, as well as more advanced and sophisticated methods.

Modified 17 July 2020


What are ransomware attacks and how are they performed? What types of attacks exist i how can they inflict damage. In this category you will be able to find information about ransomware attacks, how to protect from them and how to recover.

Modified 21 July 2020


Programs designed to gain unauthorized acces or cause damage to computer

Modified 21 July 2020

Social engineering

Tactic to trick you in revealing sensitive information. Can be combined with any other threats from different categories. 

Modified 17 July 2020


There is many different types of online threats. Here you can find threats that are not very effective and don't do a lot of damage, but can make problems in working online.